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It is YOUR CHOICE as Parents to engage and Break the Noise Barrier


It is NOW about "YOUR CHOICE" as a parent to determine how you can change your mindset on Addiction 


Our Purpose

A location that will introduce Addiction to those not impacted to help prevent it from capturing a loved one and to bring awareness the unthinkable is REAL. 

A place to share our loved ones that struggled and introduce them and their heavenly friends.  A site that will hopefully inspire other families still fighting to come out behind closed doors and private groups to scream from the rooftops that their children and loved ones are the faces of Addiction and they are fully aware that it can happen to you, as it happened to them.

A  place that offers a private look into the lives captured by Addiction.  A site that includes my personal journal, stories from social media, shared stories from those fighting or their friends and family, as well Freedom Documentaries by The Alarm Group that tell the stories of families that have lost their loved ones to the battle of Addiction.  A journey of Addiction for a lifetime that is shared by more than 23 million beautifully broken souls in the US, fighting each day to retain life.

This site is in its infancy but launching it cannot be delayed. Help me build it! Be a part of it!! It is for all of you! There is no time to delay helping to save souls and to support those struggling stay in active recovery and bring awareness to those not gracefully aware.

"Our battle is not against the flesh and blood, but against the powers, against the worlds forces of darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places." (Ephesians 6:12) The battle is REAL

Help me help to inspire to end the silence and the stigma Addiction brings. As all those gracefully aware of our beautifully broken and lost know firsthand.  Jena's Mom, Becky Fuqua-Spuhl


Stop the stigma one word at a time!!!

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Social Media, Shared Stories and Freedom Documentaries

Social Media

Humanizing our Loved Ones

Social Media

Shared Stories

From those that live it or lived through it

Shared Stories

Freedom Documentaries

Real Videos of those that have lost loved ones to Addiction

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Humanizing Addiction

Tell us your story to play a part in bringing awareness

Tell us about you or a loved one fighting Addiction or Lost to the Struggle

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A story to be shared to help prevent others from being captured by Addiction - A struggle for a LIFETIME or a loss of LIFE

Humanizing Addiction

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States


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