5ive wasn't always a Christian Rapper

 He struggled like so many others with addiction.  This is his story of recovery. 5iveola on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Websites: http://www.iAm5ive.com and http://www.TrueBreedRecords.comSHOW MORE

Rock Bottom - The Heroin Addict Next Door

 Rock Bottom - The Heroin Addict Next Door  The Book - By Rocky A Romano 

Addiction: Heroin Jay's Story

Jay Armstrong battle Heroin and other addictions before getting clean.  He's now a comedian and published writer(articles).  This is his story of addiction and recovery.    

No longer able to cope with daily life and her chronic pain, Lauren began to abuse narcotics

Cycle: An Addiction Story

This is what it looks like to struggle with opioid addiction in rural New Hampshire. The documentary follows Ary Thompson - as he struggles with the ups and downs of addiction. Check out this great video

What's Crystal Meth Addiction Like?

In this video, a former crystal meth addict with 11 years sober shares her subjective experience with this dangerous substance.  Check out this great video

ADDICTION: Heroin & Pills: In Their Own Words

Multiple Stories of Heroin & Pills

Suburban Junkies

 In California's Orange County, some young prescription drug addicts are turning to heroin for a cheaper high. This growing problem appears to hit hardest in affluent communities around the state.