Meeting for the first time...

I understand your pain. 💔 Our loss is our one-day-at-a-time. I believe that when one grieving parent meets another our children are meeting for the first time. ☁☁☁

I believe they are comparing notes of their life lessons, what their favorite things were while they were here and what made them laugh the most. I believe they are sharing stories about those they loved and who loved them... Because that is what they took with them - LIFE LESSONS, LAUGHTER AND LOVE. 💗💗

But most of all I believe they are talking about us. Talking about how much we loved them and how much they loved us. I believe they are right next to us during the day and night. I believe our children are restored and free. As free as we desired for them and more. 🙏

We will dance again as they will greet us when it is our time!!! 💗💗💗 Until then we need to peel back the layers of our grief to find how to grow from it. Our children have taught us things since their birth and are still teaching us things now.. This is proof they are still with us. Work through the layers exactly the way you are!!

- Becky Fuqua-Spuhl

Jena's Mom

A special thanks to all the parents who have allowed their children to be shared

If you would like your child's picture included, a single picture or with another one lost, please send an email with attached picture and it will be added. 

Beautifully Restored